Thursday, August 7, 2014

Starting the Forbidden DVD library

Forbidden DVD library:

In the spirit of James N. Dawson’s concept of a forbidden books library, I have started a small Forbidden DVD Library. Very small. One DVD in fact. In the spirit of mutuality however, it is a start.

The DVD in question is Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree. It involves incidents and actions that took place in Keene New Hampshire, in a region affectionately known as The Shire, some 40 miles west of my abode.  Once upon a time I supervised the Granite State Independent Living office in Keene, back before the uprising known as Free Keene and its various offshoots arrived in that community.

Minor editorial: the main character (and he is a character in my opinion) and all of the voluntaryist protagonists in this documentary seem more like adolescent provocateurs than agents of change. If they had any real community organizing skills, they’d be dangerous.  Still, it’s good to see someone raising the flag for peace and freedom in my home state.

First person who sends me $3 for postage can borrow this DVD indefinitely & I’ll work on bringing more titles into the library.

-         DJ Frederick 36 West Main Warner NH 03278 

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